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22 February, 2013


* * * * *

I took this picture of my desk last Sunday morning. I woke up late, the sun was shining, and I was thrilled not to be working.

So far 2013 really is turning out very well. Never mind that winter has returned for a (hopefully) last encore.


23 January, 2013



Helsinki, Christmas 2012.

* * * * * * *

The past four or five months have been pretty hectic, and wonderful at the same time. The holidays came and passed and the year changed nearly too quickly for me to even notice – all this to say that I’ve been busy. With university, with figuring out what to do once this academic year is over, with a thousand projects that have nothing to do with taking pictures or contemplating on the serenity of well-prepared meals and other simple things. And yet, as I said, it’s been absolutely wonderful. Little did I expect, when I wrote this almost a year ago that working 12-hour days could be this, well, fun. I’ve met so many interesting new people, and learned so many interesting things. And, true to my (absolutely impossible creative) nature, come up with so many new ideas and plans, some of which I hope to talk more about over here later.

To summarise: 2012 was a good year. I think that 2013 is going to be a great one.

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays, and wish you lots of happines for this new year!

Maison Louis Carré

2 November, 2012







* * *

In the end of September I finally visited maison Louis Carré. It is an incredibly beautiful house, so simple and elegant. The attention to detail and the materials are absolutely incredible.

Happy halloween and enjoy the upcoming weekend !

The last of summer (randoms)

23 October, 2012






* * * * * *

Summer is definitely over and I am doing 12-hour days at university, but life is good. I guess the lesson of this story is that sometimes it does pays off to take a break to think about what you really want to do with your life.

Other awesome autumn things:

- This music.
Apples. And butternut squash.
– I finally found some useful advice on how to write an academic paper. I may not go crazy after all.

Have a good week, and enjoy the sunshine!

By the sea

18 September, 2012

August 2012.

* * *

A couple of pictures from my holiday in Finland in August. This beach has always been one of my very favourite places in the whole world. I never tire of feeling under my feet the pattern of little waves on the bottom of the sea.

Summer postcards 2

10 September, 2012

September 2012.

* * *

On what may just have been the last real summer weekend, we went to the Versailles for a picnic with friends. We wandered around a bit, marvelling at the crowd of sun-starved Parisians, before spreading our blankets on the grass by the lake to eat the food we had brought with us. Accompanied by a lively debate on the relative merits of Hitchkock, Tarantino and classic B-movies, lunch turned into a whole-afternoon affair. Joyfully disagreeing on just about everything, we served ourselves to seconds and thirds of this salad, refilled our glasses with rosé and admired the tangy sweetness of the late summer pears in the tartalettes someone had had the good sense to pick up from the baker, all until the sun started setting and we all finally agreed that it was time to head home.

Already the night before I decided that my “real” camera would have to stay at home for the day. Over the past few months I have become increasingly annoyed with the weight and size of the bulky DSLR I usually use for taking pictures. Most of the time it feels that it, with all its settings, is simply distracting me, as it draws my attention to technical perfection and away from actually composing an interesting picture. And quite frankly, considering my limited technical skills and my even more limited attention span, I’m not even sure that its beautiful image quality outweighs the discomfort of having to drag it around. To put it short, I’m growing nostalgic for the simple point-and shoot film cameras I used to use.

I’m not yet certain where this is all going, although I’m beginning to think that I should be looking for a simple, mechanic film camera on ebay instead of just ranting over here. We’ll see. There are already a couple of rolls of 120 from the old Junior waiting in a drawer somewhere to be developed, and I’m pretty excited about that. But in the meantime I think there will be quite a bit of phone shots appearing on this blog. I’m a little bit lazy like that, and, honestly, I’m quite happy with how these shots from Versailles turned out.

P.s. If you have any suggestions for which (cheap) film camera I should go for, please do let me know in the comments. So far I’m considering a Pentax Spotmatic or a Canon AE-1, but I’d love to have more options !

Summer postcards

8 September, 2012

France + Finland,
June-August 2012.

* * *

Sorry for the unintentionally long break. The past few weeks I’ve been working, travelling, moving, planning and thinking, mostly hurrying from one place to another and not really having enough time or inspiration for taking pictures or writing over here. Hopefully things will be a little calmer in the months to come. It’s good to be back in Paris, and here.


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